The brain is gone

Thread to log instances of brain malfunction.

Complete blank on a 4 digit password that I’ve been using daily for the last 6 months. I think it was in muscle memory rather than brain memory

Can’t for the life of me remember it and the more I think about it the worse it gets.

Names of certain people I work with daily or meet on a fairly regular basis. Some of them I can’t remember for the life of me, no matter what I do. Even worse then they know your name…

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Was at the lift bank in the lobby of our building at work last week. Couldn’t for the life of me remember what floor i worked on. A queue behind me had formed before a colleague intervened. The brain is gone.

For future reference, it says so on your business card.

It’s 2122. You posted it up by accident in another thread a couple of months ago.

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No that’s for my credit card

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I was standing at the bin in work last night with two lever arch files. It then dawned on me that I’d put two days’ worth of rubbish in the filing cabinet before making my way to said bin with the files. I got mixed up, guys.


I assume you were on your way to shredder with the files.

Which one is Bando, Bebop or Rocksteady?

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(Deloitte and) Touché.

I had an emergency “rapid renewal appointment” at the passport office at the bottom of Lower Mount Street at 10:10am today.

At 10:01am I had reached the North West corner of Merrion Square, probably a five or six minute walk from the office. For some reason of which I’m still not quite sure, instead of continuing walking along Merrion Square North in the direction of the office, I decided to walk to the Dublin bike station on Merrion Square East, opposite the back of Government buildings, to take out a Dublin bike to cycle the last bit of the journey.

I arrived at the bike station in front of the passport office at 10:06am, but there was no vacant slot to deposit the bike in, and there was another person already waiting to deposit their bike there.

Four minutes later, nobody had taken a bike out to release a slot to deposit one in, and in any event the first guy was still waiting to deposit his bike. I was now panicking that I would miss my meeting, in a visibly agitated state, and being laughed at by three chaps smoking cigarettes outside the adjacent Spar shop. I didn’t want to leave the bike unattended outside the office as I assumed it would be stolen, resulting in me being fined €300 or whatever it is for the loss of a bike.

As the clock hit 10:10am I lost my head completely and tried to bring the bike into the passport office, but was, entirely predictably, immediately stopped from doing so by security and had to leave again. I decided to cycle to another bike station, but not being sure where the nearest one was, I cycled aimlessly around for the next ten minutes up Merrion Square East, down part of Baggot Street, around to Grand Canal Street, passing three more bike stations with no vacant slots, before returning to the one outside the passport office, which was still full.

Eventually I ended up cycling all the way back to the same station on Merrion Square West from which I had take the bike out, and walked back to the passport office, arriving at around 10:35am, 25 minutes late. I explained the situation to the chap at reception. “Ah, that’s grand”, he said.



Next time trying locking the bike to something - that’s why they come with locks on them


Indeed. I only realised that later as I’ve never had the need to leave one anywhere before.

thats a malfunction :clap:

I spent five minutes looking for my car keys last week. They were in my mouth.


Have my first borns date of birth as my pin.

You can never forget that.

Good man @flattythehurdler. I’ve done this countless times, usually after strapping the kids into the car.

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Yesterday I went to get the van out of a car park. The fucking ticket wouldn’t work in the machine. I had to walk round to the office and explain it to the fella. He was understanding, let me pay the 12 euro and gave me another working ticket. I went back upstairs to get the van. I walked around level 3 because I remembered I’d put it there. No van. Level 4. No van. It then dawned on me that I was in a completely different car park than where I had parked the van.
The brain is gone.