The Burkes of Mayo

Arthur Cox is the biggest law firm in Ireland. They’re London office is being picketed by Christians this evening because they have sacked a good Christian solicitor from Mayo named Ammi Burke.

There’s been a fundamental breakdown in the relationship between Arthur Cox and Ammi. Rumour on the street is this occurred because Ammi took offence to another solicitor there taking the name of the Lord in vain, so she locked him in his office until he apologized to God. Then when that solicitor complained the rumour is she had a screaming fit at one of the partners. She got a €70,000 ex gratia payment. Her family and Christian friends are saying it’s religious discrimination and have launched the picket.

The day I’m picketing against a €70,000 payoff is the day I’ve made it.

Ammi is one of the four Burke siblings who temporarily received life-bans from any society activity from NUIG for allegedly misappropriating society funds. That went back to her brother Enoch handing out leaflets on campus during the gay marriage referendum comparing homosexuality to paedophilia. Enoch was running for Equality Officer at the time. I’d say he’d fairly shake up the Student’s Union.

The money was the Christian Union’s so that’s where the allegation of improper use of funds came from. I don’t know how that led to bans for all the siblings so it sounds like they might have had legitimate complaints. NUIG removed the ban just before it came to Court but didn’t apologize so Ammi, Enoch, Isaiah and Kezia were not happy. They still wanted to run the case. By the time their case came on the Court it was already 5pm so the judge went home and said he’d hear it the next day. The Burke didn’t like that and refused to leave the Court until eventually the cops were called.

The Burkes also run their own website called the Burke Broadcast. And… em… that’s it.


Can’t believe I have never heard of them.

The founder of this firm left to become a priest, afaik…

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The Burkes are well known. A family of I think it’s nine grown up children plus the parents. They’re all named after biblical figures. Absolute headbangers akin to the Westboro Baptist Church. The thing is, their sort of ideology is not far away from the sort of right-wing ideology being increasingly pushed online.

They don’t like it up 'em, the Burkes of Mayo.


It’s the Dublin office being picketed

Not a hope she got the ex gratia payment either, the whole point of the payments from an employer point of view is the confidentiality clause.

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@tank gets worked up over some seriously weird shit. He also believes every scéal he hears.

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I’m not worked up, I couldn’t give a fuck. Also, just out of interest, why do you think these people are protesting?


Ammi, bless her, is finished with Cox. For the time being at least.


I have my doubts. I could go out and hang a banner every day but I people are relying on me.

Edit; that overstates it, anyhow I gotta live in the real world

Why are all religious people so weird and fucked up?

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Well done to the Burkes of Mayo. Great too see a bit of backbone there.

Mayo is full of weirdos

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An honest God fearing family with integrity.

Come on, out with it Isiah.

I’ve been looking at the Burke Broadcast Facebook page.

They’re up in arms about a play that was on in NUIG called The Kinds of Sex You Might Have at College. Seething they were. Absolutely raging.

Are these any relation to Mary Robinson’s crowd?

They were sponsoring negative adverts about Maria Walsh on Facebook during the European elections.

I spotted them standing with their placards in Waterford during the summer as well. They stand there grinning and smiling at people with a remarkable level of smugness.

I had to use the wife’s FB for a look …


The accent ---- the state of them -----

This is exactly what I imagine @Cicero_Dandi to be like.