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What the fuck are they doing to further their careers from the age of 21-35? Off work at four in the evening and wanking around all summer.


Not sure there is a huge market for menopausal women with teenage kids and an angry ex but what do I know

Most women unless they are top 10 per cent have a use by limit. A lot of them forget that and end up bitter and alone.


Yeah Cork :ok_hand:
This is still the Cork thread right, what the fuck would anybody here know about school staff rooms and wild Christmas and summer parties :man_teacher:




High Jinker
Cc @ChocolateMice


They are ravageningly horny for a start.

And some people, men and wonen like that slight seperation and drop in responsibikity that you get with them being soneone elses kids.


it was a fucking brilliant comment, I really enjoyed it so I did


Heard a story about some fella who hooked up with one before.

“None of the fancy stuff boss, just lob it into me” was Her opening gambit followed by a later request for “none of the white stuff in me boss”




that one was doing the rounds in 1997 mate



  1. That never happened.
  2. It happened but your mate is the mate of lots of different people who repeat that story.
  3. The person who told you the story was repeating a well known urban myth.

In short I’ve heard that a few times before supposedly second hand from the horses mouth.

A mate of mine scored with one in Milltown Malbay years ago (he’s well spoken so she referred to him as Einstein) but was unable to close the deal so to speak, it’s well known that they’re quite careful about the blood.


Goway will you for fucksake


Don’t babba me boss…


A mate of a mate from the backarse of North Tipp. It’s probably a story doing the rounds alright


Why is that? The micks have all emigrated or hooked up with East European hotties?


No idea really. Probably something to do with more men emigrating for trades and construction work maybe. My missus has 5 or 6 single female friends in early to mid 30s all in decent nick, a couple of them would be v hot. All at various stages of hitting the panic button.

I have one single friend and you wouldn’t let him near any woman you know


@gilgamboa - More than half of those lads that emigrated are back now.


Did they all come back single?


Any of them successful did to be fair.