The Cark Thread


Way more single men than women in 20s and 30s but…


Ah don’t be taking the moral high ground just because you didn’t think of it first.


No they spend too much time on d’internet spoofing about their make up lives instead of actually meeting real women.


What became of Jenny Conroy ? She had a role in Glenroe around that time . I think she was from Galway .


I’m in cork lads. What’s the name of the place the Japanese emperor washes the dishes in? Wanna eat there tonight. Tà cc @backinatracksuit @chocolatemice @gilgamboa



It’s on Douglas / Barrack St. ---- it has room for about 8 people I’d say.


But he has opened this place also -

A bit more up market


If you can get a table in Ichigo you’re in for a real treat, haven’t eaten there myself yet but heard it’s outrageously good, good lick with that.

The takeaway is at the bottom of Barrack street about a minute walk from the South Gate Bridge, it’ll be difficult to sit down unless you are very lucky, everything is good but don’t leave without trying the pickled soft boiled eggs as a treat.
There’s some proper boozers nearby as well, much better than that shithole Jim Cashmans


Its about 120 quid a head


Well worth it I heard, no choice either? Like it or lump it.


Yeah its a set tasting menu


Are you above yet for the stakeout?


Iv asked him to text me if any effeminate dub is in looking to sell him a vending machine


The fella can only serve about 20 people a night ffs saké*. Chilled vending machines so he can sell his sushi etc on the street is the way to go.


Go up to the takeaway, sure any restaurant worth its salt won’t take walk ins


I’m done for the oíche. I’d a pint in the Cork Arms before dinner in the Japanese. And a bottle of Asahi to wash it all down. Next time. It’s KC’s tomorrow apparently…


What Japanese? McCurtain Street?

KCs is grand for a once off


Yep. Sakura. My regular haunt. IT was lovely. Wanted to try a new one though. Will do when I’m back in January.


KCs is awful… I’m only two minutes up the road if you want to share my pie and have an ale.


His pie is delish