The Cark Thread


Is ‘The Fish Wife’ still banging around in the city? That was a nice chipper a few years back.


Tà for the offer. The other fella called it. He’s mad to try KC’s.


There’s a place around the corner, 1 minute walk - that does very good sour dough pizza and beers - Palmento… you’ll be atein the KCs out of the van.


KCs is nationally renowned, not really my thing to be honest but you’d better let the chap try it out after he missing the Emperor of Japan last night, nobody wants to go to Douglas really


Nationally renowned because you Cark cunts harp on about it endlessly … it’s woeful and most OOTs I speak to at our monthly meeting agree. You cunts wouldnt know a daycent bit of grub if it slapped you between your deviant eyes …

In saying that, I was in the Leaping Salmon last week and the pizza was top notch as was the prawns pil pil.


You’d have to try KCs once, it’s unique, not really my thing as I said, but I do like the flaming pig and the little Bombay chicken pies.

How did you end up in the Salmon, that’d have been an old haunt of mine but I’d be more likely to visit the Pier Head now if I’m at home


I have a gathering every year on the 28th of Nov to celebrate the Kilmichael Ambush (cc @TreatyStones) - it was tinged with a bit of sadness this year after lasts weeks events… The food was top, top notch.


Ya, I let the day slide by without bumping it, wouldn’t have been right.


An ye roaring about donkey fordes.

You couldn’t make it up


Donkeys is simple fish and chips - I dont think it’s ‘nationally renowned’ as @backinatracksuit likes to claim about KCs or that anyone roars about it… KCs is muck.

I wish @Juhniallio all the best tho…

throw up the link to cctv there and we can all watch him queuing in the rain.


I’m telling you now don’t go to KC’s. It’s the most overrated shite I’ve ever had.


I wouldn’t say KC’s is muck, but it isn’t worth going out of your way for. If you are in Douglas and stuck for a bit of chipper food it’s grand, only if the queue isn’t mental.


The van is parked directly outside KC’s right now! We’ll be finished in Douglas about 4 o clock so it’s today’s choice.
@chocolatemice there’s a toy clearance sale for baby toys in the shopping centre if you want to stock up.


fill your boots


We are short 2 for a kick about at 6pm in Rochestown? you’ll have digested the greasy food by then.


Would love to mate but no dice. Can’t even run at the moment. Morton’s something in my foot.


We’re done so.


Heading to Mayfield and Togher on Friday. Anywhere daycent to catch lunch within reach of the south ring, Dublin Road? Usually go to the place near the river in riverstown, the name of which escapes me.


Mortons nueroma, a cunt of a thing.


An overrated cunt of a place.

Main rule of any Chipper,
Cook nice chips.

It fails miserably on that front.