The Cark Thread


I’ll take an invite next year


That’s the one. Second time I’ve had it. Shooting pains and I left it too long this time before hitting a massage.


How was KCs?


Haven’t gone yet


still queueing… cunt of a place


Will you hurry up. A load of cunts on the internet are waiting to tell you you wasted your time and that it’s a pile of overrated grease


I fully hope he enjoys it.


is it the cheese and onion pie everyone goes on about out of it?


There is a lot of city between Mayfield and togher. Wouldn’t say there is anywhere in Togher anyway and you would be joining the link direct from there and would be v awkward to come off it for grub tbh on. Friday especially with traffic.

Could maybe zip up to the Bull McCabes which is on airport rd and fairly accessible from togher. Good carvery but hardly worth the hassle


What about Blackrock Castle? Only a couple of minutes from the link. Not sure what grub is like.




Had dinner there years ago but can’t remember what it’s like.


Fancy enough menu, was there twice recently and it was top notch



Head to the elm tree, it wouldn’t be too far from riverstown and is as fine a place you’ll find for lunch


Savage but I would consider it an awkward spot to get to on a Friday with traffic. Be as easy go city centre


Just ate my KC’s. Had a fish sandwich. It tasted nice but it has nowhere near enough fish(they put chips in to take up space) and had a bit too much mayo. Their chips are not spectacular, quite ordinary. I’d go back to try one or two of the other things on the menu and it’s obviouslya well run operation but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there.


Thats Jackie Lennoxxxxes


The Golden fry do incredible potato pies,


Did you ever ate in keohanes in midleton, limited menu but savage chips and nice potato pies


Sure you ordered a fish sandwich of course it was shite