The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Three


He sounds like a schizophrenic.


What about Barra Best in the Rock Bar?



Mate you’re on tilt, turn off the phone, NOT a SPOT.


Are we still saying no to rugby and GAA players?


Barra and Angie.



Angie is a man.




What class of a weirdo posts this shit up, about no-marks that nobody’s ever heard of, at this hour of a bank holiday weekend.

Oddball, deviant Wexican cunts, that’s who.



Understood. Only a Kiwi cunt and a multiple All Ireland winner from Kilkenny anyway


Every weekend is a bank holiday weekend, mate.


Who: Enda Kenny
Famous for: Being An Taoiseach
Where: Dun Laoghaire West Pier
When: about 16:35 today
Other notes: Enda was out having a stroll with 2 teenage boys who I presume are his sons. He was sporting a GGA team tracksuit of some description which I noted must have been quite hot for the day that was in it and a trendy pair of sunglasses similar to the ones in the photo below.


A tracksuit and sun glasses ? :smile:


You shouldn’t mock our leader


I’m Italian



Fair point


SPOT, well done.


Ireland’s greatest goalscorer Robbie Keane and his wife Claudine were in Gibneys last night, a tap-in I know. (The spot, not Claudine)


That’s two SPOTS, well done.


Good Spots