The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Three


Get a picture of the hot blonde.



Now that is a spot :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Spot of the year. That’s the Calibre this thread needs. And to think that lads come on here claiming politicians and Rte staff as spots


You get a different quality of bird when you’re John McClane. An unreal spot.


And then you realise why you do the job. Yippie ki-yay motherfucker that’s a SPOT well done.


The lack of likes on @Enrique’s post is very unsettling.


Newbies always struggle for the oul likes. He’ll still get his first nice post for that though I’m sure.


Are you paparazzi ??


Who: Wexford native and Ballydoyle maestro Aidan o Brien.
When: About 40 mins ago.
Where: BallyCleharen ( between Cashel and Clonmel).
Wearing: Navy round neck jumper, light blue & white check shirt,I failed to see what footwear etc, failure will be explained further down along the post.
Interaction: Minimal but yes.

I stopped into a shop to purchase a coffee in the above mentioned hamlet in south Tipperary on my journey back from an errand to Clonmel. As I exited the shop I was busily struggling to affix the lid to the coffee cup and walked into the path of a 2012 year regd silver Range Rover and the female driver had to stop quite suddenly to avoid a collision with me as she entered one of the designated parking spaces, I was startled and held my hand up in an apologetic manner and mouthed the word ‘sorry’ to the driver.
Aidan was seated in the passenger seat of the jeep and waved back and we all had a little giggle about my lapse of concentration.


SPOT, excellent level of detail, have 10 go maiths as well.


I presume you got a tip off him?


great stuff mate

the more you post these little titbits of your life the more you come across as a decent sort


Would Tomás O’Shea in a Spar with his kids be deemed as a spot? Don’t want to bother the forum if some past gaa rule is enacted


I didn’t. Had we spoken I would have asked him what happened to the footballers yesterday.


Was he carrying curranty cake by any chance ?


Who: Wannabe taoiseach Simon Coveney.
Where: The top of South William St near the hairy Lemon pub.
When: 4.30pm ish
What: Simon was wearing an expensive blue suit and blue shirt(what else). He was accompanied by a blonde woman in her early forties but ignored her and was deep in his phone. He has a bit of a stoop which may cause him trouble in later life. Either that or he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I was surprised he was so unaccompanied, as a man supposedly fighting for the biggest job in the country. He seemed all at sea and could well do with a visit from the rnli.
Verdict: His goose is cooked and he knows it.


Ffs spot :rage:


FOGRA: The amount of mickey mouse politicians being claimed as spots is getting ridiculous at this stage.
I’m proposing all Irish politicians who have not achieved some level of deviant notoriety or at least a senior ministerial position should be exempted as celebrity spots.
Could all former celeb spot adjudicators please revert with their approval/comments.


Again mate, Kerry gaelic footballer and multiple all ireland winner Tomás O’Sé is not a spot (I assume this is who you meant)
RTE pundit and newspaper columnist Tomás O’Sé is a spot.
Which one did you see?