The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Three


The latter. Apologies with the O’Shea/O’Sé mix up.


One of the following criteria should apply

  • A Party leader who’s party held more than 10 seats at the time
  • A senior minister
  • Drove his car drunk down the motorway the wrong direction
  • A convicted criminal or at least in the process of being convicted
  • Brought his kid to a party meeting
  • Told Emmet Stag to fuck off in the Dail
  • Did a turn for @tassotti at one point
  • May be riding the lad who did a turn for @tassotti
  • Believes that God will sort climate change and a big dinner is as dangerous to driving as a feed of pints




Seriously mate are you ok? Your banter is more stale than ever.


Who: Robbie Keane
Where: Saggart Village
When: 1.30pm ish
What: i was driving through the village earlier and saw Robbie happily posing for photos with youngsters who looked like they were making communion or confirmation or joining the KKK. In sad news, Robbie was wearing a grey suit, white shirt with brown shoes.


Brown shoes?


You fucking know it!


I would amend this position as follows:
The politician (senior, ministerial) must be engaged in:

  • Some form of deviancy at the time the spotter spotted them
  • Some form of deep public or constitutional crisis or controversy at the time
    Otherwise you’ll be swamped with spots of Enda Kenny on his valedictory tour of the country.


SPOT well done


Who: Renowned Irish actor Aidan Gillen.
Where: Baggot Street Bridge.
When: About 25 minutes ago.
With: A rather rotund gentleman of about 40 or so
Wearing: Attire that was more suitable for Autumn including a heavy looking black jacket. His companion was wearing a grey long sleeved t-shirt tucked into a pair of jeans which is not a very flattering look for fat people.
Other notes: Aidan was just finishing a call on his mobile and was looking around with that scheming, scoby look that he perfected for his role as John Boy in Love/Hate. He’s not a very tall man and the impression I got from the way he carried himself that Aidan might be a bit up his own hole.


Who is he again ?


A sound fella who wouldn’t deny his daughter the opportunity of a lifetime.


That’s enough now. She’s eating a large 99 cone now in lieu of her dinner. I don’t think I’ll get over the guilt anytime soon. :triumph::cry::flushed::slightly_frowning_face::unamused::unamused::weary::tired_face::scream::scream::cold_sweat::sweat::sob::sleepy::cry:


How many more times are Robbie Hasbeen © Ireland’s greatest ever striker spots going to be tolerated.


Robbie’s a spot, regardless of whether he’s in the 51 having a pint of Becks, or in Lidl doing the ‘big shop’.


As long as I am the adjudicator at the very least.


That’s a SPOT, well done.


Live spot of Al Porter here in terminal 2

Z list stuff I know but I’m logging it anyway.


Go over and give him a dig will you ? Please.
Just tell him that’s from Brimmer. I cannot stand the cunt, but often get caught to listen to him. I’ve developed an irrational hatred of him in the last month or two.


That could be anyone you wanker