The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Three


Is he drinking a pint at 6am?


He certainly is, and it doesn’t appear to be his first. He’s chatting away to all and sundry about this new blind date show he’s presenting.i


Probably needs it after a night on poppers. He doesn’t look too well there


Marty is easily impressed.


He seems like a harmless oul divil in fairness Brimmer.


Maybe.But the more confidence he’s getting as the weeks go on in his show the more his camp ‘look at me I’m gay so treat me differently’ voice goes through me.


He looks worse in real life, the camera doesn’t do him justice there. He’s very gaunt.

Anyways, plane about to take off for Berlin. Hopefully @Mullach_Ide will have awarded the spot by the time I land. I’m still smarting from his Tony Cascarino snub.


I called him a z lister Chef, I can’t go any lower than that unless we start using a different alphabet.


I’m going to leave aside my dislike for this cunt (Al Porter).
That’s a SPOT mate, well done. Pictorial evidence a nice touch also.


He got something like 680 points in the leaving cert. Nearly as bright as myself.




I have noted that he has very low expectations. Last week in the top of the world thread he posted a picture of a cowshed in some bog in Clare !


He was on The Brendan OCONNOR shoe there a few weeks back. Only for I had just opened a can of beer, I would have fucked it at the telly


It was a cracking shed though pal, @KinvarasPassion gave it a like, and that’s as good as it gets.


Great to see city slickers embracing rural Ireland pal. It was a smashing shed


A two span with concrete floors.A lad could get a semi hard on over stuff like that.


I never seen this shed lad,post it up there


A big hard pan of concrete in front of it and all, fully enclosed gutters and integrated downpipes… geeeezus lads.


Picture please


Live spot: Sen Bernie Sanders in the Westbury Hotel. No security visible. Sen Sanders was happy to talk to the people and pose for photos. Wearing a blue shirt and navy slacks. No tie and no brown shoes