The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Three


Who: Ken Doherty
Where: Maxol Station, Templeogue
When: circa 1pm June 12th, 2017
Demeanour: Impatient
Any other business: The former Champion of the World was standing at the Deli (Abra/O’Briens/Bagel Factory) counter waiting on a sandwich to be delivered to him. He was already there when I arrived to collect my own, so I couldn’t tell what his order had been, but he stood stoically staring in the abyss until his food arrived and he high tailed it out of the store. He had a lovely demeanour however, and exuded no airs and graces that would suggest this man once bestrode his sport like a colossus.

This wasn’t our first encounter, as both Ken and I are acquainted from back in the day, when we would exchange pleasantries in Jason’s of Ranelagh when he stood in behind the counter for the owner on occasion. Ken always came across as a sound enough chap.


Spot, well done.


Fair play mate, I admire the appropriate time you have to adjudicating on that spot. Some might think 15 months is a long time to wait for an adjudication, but I’m sure @flattythehurdler appreciates the consideration given here.


That’s a shitty oul sangwich counter. Got a very disappointing and small turkey and brie one there in the lead up to Christmas last year for about €6.50. Never again says I.


Don’t know what the fuck happened there.


If they are not celebrities then why are you posting them here?

Do you just want someone to ask what you were talking to John O’Mahony about?


Are you naive enough to think he had any other reason for posting them?


Hang on - how has this just been turned back on me?


Hello farmer, welcome to TFK


Yes, and I’ll take that as such a question.

I made a similar point to John to the one @GeoffreyBoycott made that the situation surrounding this year’s Galway v Mayo clash was reminiscent of the situation surrounding the 1998 one, with Galway a team on the up and Mayo a team on the way down.

John politely disagreed. He really does talk like a politician but he seems like a nice man.

Aren’t you the lad who has spent the last ten years telling us all about how you’re good friends with Ivan Yates and several racehorses?


Or to let us know he was out of the house for a while…


I don’t believe I ever claimed to be friends with any racehorses


Not unlike my Ken spot in fact.


Mayo beat Galway in Connacht in 1999.

In an absolute cracker of a match.

Ben Woodburn wasn’t born at the time.


They did, but that was a dying kick for that particular team, and was mainly due to that great 1990s cliche, hunger - Galway didn’t score in the last half an hour of that match and didn’t look particularly disappointed to lose. In truth the real window of opportunity for an All-Ireland had passed that Mayo team by by 1999 and they were put away quite comfortably by a very average Cork team in the semi-final.


Did John explain why he didn’t agree? This current Galway team are no where near good enough to win an All-Ireland but they are on the way up.


I’m glad that Sidney was able to save up a few bob and have a few pints in a pub with normal people as opposed to drinking cans of Tuborg at home alone.




Yours never happened


Did too