The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Not A Spot




A gentleman making a charity video is by definition not at work. He was volunteering. Rock CSR if you will.




That was clear from the outset.


A D’Arcy of cunts here getting the flight from BRU to DUB

Jack O’Connor - SIPTU lackie, priority boarding

Paul Kehoe - Still a TD I take it for Wexford, maybe he’s an mep now, priority boarding.

Will add more if there are any spottings


Add more what ??? This is a celeb spotting thread.

I’m rejecting both


What about Thumbman, he’s on the flight…


Ah would you ever cop on. You’ve identified a Darcy of cunts, will you go away and post it in the proper thread and don’t be wasting valuable adjudication time. Not spots.


Who’s the adjudicator on this thread again?? :thinking:


That would be me and if I’m not online, it passes to @The_Selfish_Giant


Why is glas getting involved?


I’ve no idea. @glasagusban ??


I’m the adjudicator. Back seat adjudicating is quite stale as a gag at this stage and it really won’t help your cause as a potential future adjudicator.



Who - former world snooker finalist Jimmy White.

Where - Dublin airport terminal 2, gate 334.

Jimmy in relaxed mood ahead of his trip back to the UK. Wearing a heavy winter coat, scarf while also sporting a baseball cap. Seems to be travelling with an attractive younger lady who is engrossed in her phone.

At the appropriate time I will ask Jimmy for a photo.


Great spot



What a well matched couple, gwan Jimmy


That’s her.