The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Paddy’s a mug… Jimmy was on of the early innovators with a hair transplant


Jimmy is some operator, outstanding spot.


Glad to see Jimmy made a few quid and hung on to it.


Jimmy punching above his weight there. Tight brown or easy pink…


The fucking state of her,



I was sitting beside Jimmy on the flight. What are the chances. He chatted away like the gent he is. His partner is also a lovely lady despite the disgusting misogynistic comments from the likes of @backinatracksuit

Jimmy stayed in the Radisson in Stillorgan last night. He bemoaned the price of Temple Bar, not unreasonably, but was otherwise in jovial spirits.

A top man and now an unofficial FOTF.


Jimmy is indeed one of the good guys .


She looks nice mate, what’s the issue?


She’s like a nice mahogany statue, if she needs to put that much shit on to look good it’s a bad sign,
The Ike’s of @dodgy_keeper who’s only experienceof women is from porn would enjoy ogling her no doubt


She’s not into grime or hip-hop. Id say she’s more classy - R&B


Proper celeb.


That’s how young wans dress mate, I think shes decent enough anyway. Certainly good enough for Jimmy


She looks like a cross between a Northeren English skank and a cheap Romanian prostitute.


An 11 out of 10 so?


This never happened.




She looks like that bird from Cork that’s hanging around with Ian Rush.


Liverpool and Cark
That’s @dodgy_keeper’s wank spoiled


Why those nasty comments about @dodgy_keeper? Completely unwarranted and it’s becoming a trend now.


That’s a spot. Good detail, thanks for getting things back on track, good job Dodgy.