The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Suggesting @dodgy_keeper beats women. You’ve developed a serious edge tackie.


Keep up mate, I never started anything


Another fella reeling from the townie cunts being bate Sunday


Sorry mate, missed this.
How did you come to that conclusion,


How many people called Ike have you heard of?


I tend to agree mainly due to the lack of photographic evidence. Sitting beside Jimmy on a flight, having all that chat & no photo?
And yes, Dodgy could crop his face out.

Jimmy would have obliged, I was in his company doing lines one night many moons ago ( I wasn’t doing lines ).


You have to take a gentleman at his word.


Here you go :slight_smile:


Ever gone there mate?


Ah yes,


Not with a barge pole would I, they are vile.
Have you?


No - can’t say I have.


Cheers mate.


Hope you have a great weekend bro


Cheers pal.

It’s mad how a stranger on the INTERNET giving a celeb spot drives the Cork weirdos demented.

Big Chelsea fan is jimmy, he has been impressed by Sarri since he took over. He was quick to point out though “I was Chelsea long before the take over.”


I spent a all nighter playing pool with him 23 years ago in Zans in Tooting. He was a awful man for the personal back then. Anything went in that place


Jimmy is a gentleman. An awful nice fella


That beats the shite out of the frame I played with Ken Doherty in Jason’s in ranelagh back in the late 90s :smiley:


I have great time for Jimmy


Boo fucking hoo,
Don’t forget to have a wash or the hookers won’t even touch you on the mainland, you can always have that wank if you can put the Cark lookalike out of your head