The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Kicked him out maybe, haven’t seen a photo if his dirty floors or his tackies for a long time now.


The floors looked like the mixer walsh plate of food


Ah mate, seriously?
My missus has never had such exposure here as the in the last few days, she has the usual suspects hip hopping like hot dogs on a grill yo


Is she gone off with Jimmy white?


Not v house proud.


God bless Jimmy.


Who: Future assistant manager of the Republic Of Ireland Robbie Keane.
Where: Malahide Cafe, Malahide
Details: Robbie looked fit and healthy as he emerged from either the kitchen/jacks of this establishment as I went towards the till. On my way back he had taken/retaken his seat at a small single table along the wall and was deep in conversation with his male companion. ‘Good luck with the new gig Robbie’ says I as I left. ‘Cheers, thanks’, was his response. Hopefully he remains this calm and affable in his new role.

P.S. I’m not suggesting Robbie was ‘doing a @Funtime’ and is now currently working from a cafe.


@glasagusban can I get some service here??? If this was a post about gambling tips you’d have been on it like a junkie on a yop.




cc @thedancingbaby or @The_Selfish_Giant


Robbie Keane in terms of celebrity status is a top tier spot. However, he lives in malahide. You can’t follow people around to their houses or cafes outside their houses and claim to spot them. Not a spot.


You sound just like the Gardai.


Enough is Enough.


Ridiculous assessment. As you know, I don’t live in Malahide and am too busy to be stalking people. I leave that to the likes of @Fagan_ODowd You’re letting personal feelings get in the way and trying to be too smart. In these circumstances I feel I have no option but to award myself the spot pending approval by @thedancingbaby.


Not a spot due to a false description.

Whilst he may be assistant manager at some point in the future, his current position is future coach of Ireland.

Therefore, it is with great disappointment that I say @Juhniallio NOT A SPOT.


Who: Brian Kennedy
Famous for: Irish singer, entrant in the Eurovision a while back
When: Earlier this week
Where: St James’s Hospital, Dublin
Other notes: Poor Brian looked quite shook which is to be expected following his recent cancer diagnosis. He was dressed in a long coat and looked disheveled in terms of hair and stubble.


Is it not current coach of Ireland?


No. He hasn’t taken one coaching session with Ireland afaik


For the love of God


Decision accepted with grace and also a degree of determination for my future spots. Well adjudicated.