The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


His contract has begun


Live spot of Robert Ballagh after getting on the Luas at Smithfield. He’s standing beside a lady guard who is holding a sniffer dog. Hopefully Robert has nothing questionable on him.


I’m still finding it hard to fathom that “Nelly” is a chap.


Who: John Hartson
Famous for: Celtic football legend and now football pundit
When: 15mins ago
Where: London
Other notes: I shook BBJ’s hand and we exchanged a few words, he was heading for lunch with a friend, assuming he’s in London to cover champions league and europa league games this week.


Never heard of him, but a quick google tells me he draws paintings of maps and stamps.


I guess you can say he lives in Malahide but he is new money so lets not state that again?


Terrible morning for you Farmer. Not A Spot


Great spot Ray. Well done and congratulations


Looking forward to the tweet from Robbie Keane to confirm this meeting . Maybe something like ‘was minding my own business in a malahide cafe when a lad who was stocking the vending machine came over and started harassing me about my new position in the Irish setup, he looked like he was a right of centre Labour Party type with a weakness for gambling ‘


At least he didn’t invite him for a midnight swim.


Keane lives in malahide you amadán. Do you want me to be handing out spots any time anyone visits malahide? You’ll find I have awarded a spot for Robbie Keane in the past but it is well established that spots are not awarded where the location is in the vicinity of the celebrity’s home or work.


Not a spot as it fails the never heard of him test. A sad indictment on today’s celebrity culture.


A spot.


lads this dual adjudicator situation needs resolving.

It’s not very flattering for all involved


Spots near a celebrities home were never an issue? Celebs at work is alright


A once great poster is reducing himself to @carryharry levels of foolishness with the backseat adjudicating. Sad to see.




Barbarians at the gates.


Robbie has just announced his retirement as a professional footballer.


Thought he did that when he went to America.