The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


And grant carte blanche to the likes of Fagan and @Juhniallio and anyone else that doesn’t have a real job to go prowling around celebrities homes at all hours and then demanding adjudication on their spots? Are you mad?


At least @thedancingbaby made a valid case for not awarding the spot.


Spot last night at the RDS Spider Web Awards.

Newstalk’s Norah Casey; Deeply engrossed in what looked like serious conversation with various digital morketing types. Foot tapping to the shit hipster DJ as well.

Mark Little: Gave an auld cliched hackneyed speech of why Dublin was such a great bla bla bla zzzzz

Mike Ross: Ex rubby jock at the bar, looking serious and sober.


No no and no, Christ above.


You attended a end of year awards bunfight and had to endure a night of cunts giving self congratulatory speeches. Not spots.


Absolutely the correct call there. The “Christ above” has terrific potential and may become a fixture.


Spot 1: Tommy Martin, Harcourt street, about an hour ago. Tommy hits the sunbeds by the looks of things.

Spot 2: Richard Bruton, Art of Coffee, Adelaide Road, about half an hour ago.


No and no.


Fair enough.


fair play to you horse

take it like a man and not like the whining cunts who cry about not being award a spot


Yerra, I knew in my heart of hearts they wouldn’t cut the mustard. Hence the scant detail.


Double spot

Kevin Dundon in M&S Douglas shopping centre, around 90 mins ago. Eh, shouldn’t you be in Super Valu, mate??

quickly followed by

Ex Eire football international Damien Delaney, Starbucks, Douglas shopping centre. I asked Ms Locke to head home with our Poppet as I went and spoke with Damien. Don’t know the chap but had listened to the Second Captains podcast where he read and reviewed Eamon Dunphys icon book “Only a game” and then did their live show the other week. Lovely chap, spoke about the book, his reactions to reading it, some chat about babies as he had his small fella with him, I recommend the Sunderland series on Netflix and we spoke about Jonny Williams that he’s a top top player.
Damien is an alright sort.


You could be in trouble here mate


that one of the limerick gangsters?


Seems like you had a lovely chat.


They’d be all locked up and also would simply be described as filthy bastards


We really did. Nice guy, no airs or graces about him


I’d say he was in dread of you.


Oh fuck.
I’d delete that if I were you :hushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::anguished::open_mouth:


Peter Casey
Just off Grafton Street around 3.30 today.
Very polite and extremely nice but stumbled over his words and I don’t think he was pissed.

I had just stopped pushing the small lad in the buggy (not running cc @Mac ) and waiting for the Mrs and the bigger lad strolling behind.

I said, goodman Peter and he stopped and said hello to me and the little fella and we had a quick chat. The Mrs had caught up and he said hello to her and the other wee lad.

I asked was he running for FF and he said no he was only having a laugh but will run as Independent.

I said fair play, you were the only one who spoke your mind, he said he didn’t click with Dublin people but country people knew where he was coming from. He said the diaspora is ignored and that’s a failure of Ireland. I agreed.

He wished us all a Happy Christmas and we headed off to find new shoes for the eldest lad.