The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Jesus, that is a beautiful story. God bless you.


No and no.


I kinda felt I was there with you. A lovely little anecdote.


Christ above. No mark politicians are not spots. No mark failed politicians are therefore also not spots.


If you don’t mind I’ll hang on til @thedancingbaby adjudicates


Has there been a more marquee spot in 2018 than this one? I’m struggling to think of one.


Adjudications are final.


Thats a spot.



You were missed tonight mate.

Merry Christmas to you and yours


Future dictator of the country is surely a spot


I’ll cut the alabaster snowflake face off ya.


don’t be such a Muldoon mate


You’re done around here.


That’s the fucking end of this now thankfully.


Reacharound gang fucking the toys out of the pram now :rofl:


Ah stop.

A tv personality who turned his hand at winding up the whole Country with a Presidential bid & he’s not a Celebrity Spot?
He owned the Media for 2 months you wanker.


It’s a spot and a good one at that


So it’s official.

Can we do something about the backseat adjudication?


Keep up the good work @glasagusban, some lad who threw his toys out of the pram and quit for a few months hasn’t the stomach for the role, reacharounders looking for handy spots on tap :rofl:


I was having a pint in Toners about 3 weeks ago and Noel Grealish and Denis Naughton were at the bar just inside the door. I was standing with a colleague at the bar and Denis got two pints just before me and the barman waved they were on the house, I said to Denis, I should have got you to get mine, he replied; sure I can’t afford them with all the dinners I’m buying! …I thought it very funny.

They were then joined by Clare Daly and Mick who squeezed beside us. They were dressed like hobos. I went for a piss and when I came back my colleague was talking to Grealish. I ended up beside Clare Daly who is quite friendly. Mick couldn’t give two fucks and doesn’t play the politician game whatsoever. They had two quick whiskeys and headed off.

I ran into Denis the next day at the law library and he said hello and smiled.

I didn’t bother posting the spots, there was a vote on in the Dail that night and they were on a break from their ‘work’.

I thought Peter Casey was a tad different though.