The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Following representations made to me by senior and respected people on this board, and if @thedancingbaby has no objections, I’m willing to accept the position of celebrity spotting adjudicator.


Your judgement was spot on.
Casey is a spot and is never have entertained the others.




Does this mean Samuel L. Jackson is a spot?


I agree. Casey is not a spot. Peter fucking Casey.


Have you not held this post before?


I have no problem with the call, if @glasagusban considets it a spot then he’s a spot


Best of luck to @JonSnow now going forward.


Winter has come.


Is this a euphemism?


Happy to clear that up for you.


Not at all buddy, just a question


Peter Casey imo is not a spot. If Pat hickey wasn’t a spot for being in the news and locked up in Brazil, then this simpleton is definitely not.


Casey has his 15 minutes, long gone now but you have the anti traveller fanboys who’ll try to extend it, a very very stupid man and an absolute dullard


You should claim that as a TFK Exclusive


I’ve thought about it and made my decision.

Peter Casey is a SPOT

The sword has swung.


But a multi millionaire… you make 50/60k a year.
Who’s the stupid man?


I don’t need to touch that money mate


Move on fellas.


Agreed, Peter Casey is a Spot all day every day in 2018.