The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


David Breen is having a nice Christmas…


Must be lovely for him to find out he captained limerick to the All Ireland title this year.


I know. I was going to comment on the article, but then though why would I bother… some “journalism”…


CAB now notified.






I appreciate your endorsement


Do class county hurlers getting haircuts count as spots?


That photo is copyright lads. So no messin with it.


You took it yourself?


Please tell me that’s not a tie pin.
She is quite beautiful.
I saw a celeb there the last day I was going to post up but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was.


What do you think he’d do if she told him she didn’t want a Christmas present?


I know what he wouldn’t do if he didn’t.


No, that’s Aidan Ryan the referee.


Ah Mike, that’s not a fair comparison at all, first Christmas you wouldn’t be taking a chance,


Buy her the Limerick DVD anyway.


I wouldn’t take a chance any Christmas chief.




Michael Ryan owner of Al Eile and the man acquitted of corruption in the Fred Forsey trial. Saw him at the races.


You’re a lovely old man and I hope Christmas is being good for you, but I can’t give that as a spot.

The sword has swung.