The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Not a spot.


Enough of the backseat adjudicating now, it’s embarrassing.


You are brilliant at this.


I am but a vessel through which the gods speak.



Good luck to him. I always liked him as a hurler and apparently he’s a grand lad in real life as well. She is a cracker.

Aidan Ryan, referee and FG apologist.


There was some amount of A Listers on the Aer Lingus flight from Bristol to Dublin last night.


You’ve a lovely way of painting a scene. I felt like I was there with you.


Who: @Piles_Hussain
Where: Callan bypass
When: 14:27 today
Mood: Determined
Notes: Piles has indeed lost a fair bit of weight


I’m trying to sweat a cold out of me at the moment. Doubt I’ll be drinking in the town this evening but not out of the question either. Your ould boy was in before christmas to my ould pair, he’s flying so he is.


Double post


Funny man with the jokes, I like you.

This is not a spot.

The sword has swung.


A lovely post, not a spot.


Who: COTY finalist Des Cahill
Where: WH Smith, Dublin Airport Terminal 2
When:12:36 today
Mood: Unsure, absent minded
Wearing; black adidas raincoat that obviously belongs to a much bigger man.
Notes: Des was on the mother and father of aimless wanders as he ambled through WH Smith’s, not really looking at anything. Found himself accidently in the queue for the self service machines at one stage before making his apologies and wandering off. Slowly. By God that man moves slowly.


Congratulations, the great man is a spot.

The sword has swung.


Good presentation and detail on the post. It appears that you followed Des around for quite a while, which is a bit unsettling. In general RTÉ presenters are not celebrities and so spots can’t be awarded, this is the situation in this case. Not a spot.


That’s enough of that now, thank you.


Des Cahill a spot. Fucksake


I’m no fan of that prick, but Des is extremely well known, sadly a spot.


:smile: A cunt of a spot