The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Pat Gilroy coming out of Qpark Marlborough St.

Liadh ni Riada walking along O Connell St Dublin 1.


No and no.


Grand so.


No. I’m surprised at you.

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Who : Kevin Doyle - former Irish International Footballer
Where : Punchestown Event Centre right now
Attire : Casual, blue chinos, hoodie, Bodywarmer jackets, Adidas hoppers and what looked like an Aston Villa beanie hat with one of those bobbles that @Smark likes.

Kevin was wandering around the Arena taking in all the Machinery on display with two other friends. One looks to be his father. Wouldn’t have had Kevin down as the Farmer / Construction type.
Kevin was fairly inconspicuous looking so he wasn’t being bothered at all by some of the cunting school kids knocking around.




Mary Harney One Pico yesterday evening.


Are you dating these days?


Cop on Fagan.


No pal.


Calling @JonSnow


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Have you any further information to add which may push this over the line?


The sword has swung


I posted a picture of him recently at the horse sales. His father runs a stud farm and i believe Kevin is actively involved in running it.


Thanks chief.


The fact they wouldn’t know him from Adam also must have played a role here


Who: media personality and envoirmentalist Duncan Stewart
Where: George’s street, Dublin
When: today at 3:30 pm
Duncan was bombing along on his racing bike when he stopped abruptly in front of me and dismounted the bike to chat to a similar aged gentleman in the middle of George’s street, seemed happy enough to have met this man and was deep in conversation and oblivious to the his obstruction of pedestrians crossing the street. I could tell that Duncan is a sincere and genuine man from that brief 30 second observation


Duncan Stewart is not a spot

The sword has swung


Superstar environmentalist. That’s a spot. Excellent notes.


Your treatment of my spot of Duncan on post #5,847 of this thread was a disgrace. Glad you have learned your lesson.