The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee/more Limerick matters


Would Amy Huberman be a spot?




Controversial!! This threads credibility is on thin ice


Oooooooft! Great work Bandage.


Well done @bandage

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Would Gerry Gannon be a Spot?


He has grown enormously in stature in the intervening period.




Who: Steve “Stan” Staunton
When : Today from 2:30pm-5pm
Where: St Anne’s Parish Centre,Digbeth Birmingham

Steve was attending the reception for President Higgins in Digbeth today. He was accompanied by 2 others who I didn’t recognise but I think one was his son. When I arrived at 2:30pm Stan had taken his seat and was watching a film produced by Birmingham Irish Association (BIA)about the Irish in Birmingham. The sound wasn’t good so he was just focusing on the visuals. He had a grumpy demeanour and didn’t look like he wanted to be there. Around 3pm he disappeared with his two colleagues. He reappeared and took his seat just before President Higgins took the stage. I suspected he was meeting the president along with others who took their seats at the same time. This was confirmed when Michael D made reference to the former international in his speech. I am not sure if he was invited by the BIA or requested to be in attendence but he sat through the speeches with the demeanour of a man who just realised he was a better player than he was a manager.


Who: Liverpool leg-end Ian Rush
Where: Dublin airport, terminal 2, departures
When: 8pm today.

Mr Rush was wearing an expensive looking white shirt and black trousers as he wandered around the departures lounge for a bit before sitting down in the Slaney bar for a drink (glass of white wine) with his impressively hot girl friend (think of the better “Auld Birds You Would Shag” ladies as a yardstick).


That the Cark wan?


She looks more milfy in real life but I think that’s her.


Shes 35 max and you want to put her in the auld birds you would shag thread??


He’s probably 16.




Fuck it she looks older than that in person. Like still hot but an older type of hot.


Ian Rush, classic 80s type “bird”. I suppose you can take the man out of the 80s…


That’s a quality spot and fine notes. This thread is making a bit of a return to form of late. Well done to all concerned.


Ian Rush was in Dublin in his day job as Liverpool FC Ambasador to promote the Sean Cox benefit match at an Aviva Stadium media event.

Ergo, not a spot.