The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee (or help Flatty identify the celeb he just spotted)

Ps con you resend me those details for a standing order. I ought to denote @bandage remarkable efforts if nothing else. (and Mac and everyone else, but everyone else wasn’t stuck for years trying to do a sub 30 5k)


Who: Mark Travers
Famous for: Goalkeeper for Bournemouth and Ireland
Where: Manor Mills Shopping Centre, Maynooth, Co Kildare
When: 2pm today
Other notes: Maynooth native Mark walked with his father through the centre and into Dunnes Stores. He’s tall as you’d expect for a keeper.



How did you know it was his father?
Was he tall too?

How did he know what Mark Travers looked like was what i was thinking to be honest


Great stuff Ray. How’s yer man in Limerick getting on?

His father has a paper shop in the town.

It nearly blew away once.

He is also a tall man.


Should have built it out of something stronger.


I had to turn down gatecrashing breakfast with Cyril today as I had other obligations :slightly_frowning_face:

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Bang!! You can fill in the rest yourself….

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A double whammy on the weekend.

Who: Ciaran Carey
Famous for: That point against Clare amongst others
Where: McDermots Petrol Station, the Well
When: 11 am ish
Other notes: He was getting some coffee with his young fella from the machine. He still looks fit and in good shape.

On the way to said petrol station, I passed Gillane on his phone in a Berlingo trying to keep between the ditches on the Adare hinterland.

Bizzarely on his way out to play soccer for Creeves Celtic it seems.

Neither are spots.


My first attempt!

There’s a thread for those kind of spots

Gillane could well be the Mid-West rep for the @Juhniallio enterprise based (loosely) on the provided information. Ergo he was possibly working and the adjudicator is in fact correct in denying the claim.

VAR have looked at it as well and the decision is NÍL….Fkn Hawkeye into it now…

I think he is building a house around where he was spotted, so could have been related to that…

I’ve told you where he was going


Live spot of Pat Spillane shuffling by me in Dublin Airport on his way to US preclearance. Pat appeared to be under savage pressure and his wife had to tell him 3-4 times to hurry up and get his boarding pass out. Like most Irish husband’s, Pat just nodded and agreed.

Pat had a Remus Uomo suit bag in his hand so I imagine he has a speaking engagement of some sort in the US. He’s an awful gut on him now.

Wrong thread, pal.