The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


No eating a Supermacs or no you won’t give details ?


She was ateing a burger what more do you fucking want.


That is grand , thanks .


Sound, no bother.


Who: Brian Kennedy
Famous for: singing
Where: Exchequer St
When: last Sunday week
Other information: Brian was wearing a green camo jacket, maroon jumper, jeans and some special needs shoes. He stopped to speak to a couple and enjoyed some superficial banter. He was dying to get away from Aifric and Ferdia who were beyond delighted to be seen speaking to a known personality.

As an aside: Brian struck me as a man in that phase of life where a gay man turns into either a Senator Norris or a Michael D character - aka flamboyant or understated camp. I’ve a feeling he’ll try go the MDH route


7 day rule, NOT a SPOT.


OK, apologies but you haven’t sold it to me, NOT a SPOT.


Who: Current Minister for Housing and front runner to be the next Taoiseach of Ireland Simon Coveney
Where: Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Mahon, Cork
When: 16:19 today
Wearing: Casual clothes, what looked like but weren’t hiking shoes, cacky style trousers, tshirt and hoodie which was open.
With: On his Tobler but looked like he was due to meet someone, I’m presuming family.
Other details: I was seething at the time as me and the brood went to see Boss Baby but it was sold out. We were heading out of the Omniplex complex while our future leader was ambling in, looking for someone at the time. Didn’t see any Cark knack pester him for the keys of a new house tbf. Minister Coveney is a tall man.


Was he after shitting himself or something?


I’ll say no. What’s the word I’m looking for? Cacky? Cackii? Will look it up there


Khaki, pal.


Khaki you muppet!!


a simple mistake, dont worry about it




Boss baby is absolutely shit, you dodged a bullet. The trailer has all the gags, basically the same one over and over.


Who: BBC Newsline weather presenter Angie Phillips.
Where: Skipper Street, Cathedral Quarter, Belfast.
When: Today, 5.45pm.
Wearing: Long dress. Dark jacket. Heavily made up. Lots of fake tan and blusher.
With: A grey-haired 40-something year old gentleman sporting smart casual wear.
Other information: My life partner and I walked past Angie and her companion as we made our way to dinner.


I wouldn’t give it bud as I’ve never heard of her. The boss man will rule though.




Can’t allow it pal, disturbing that you would recognise her. NOT a SPOT.


Every time he utters the words ‘life partner’ I feel a deep sorrow for how far man has fallen.