The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


I know, appreciate your kind words anyway.


Top, top spots


I really enjoyed that spot. A high quirkiness factor to it which made it all the more enjoyable.


The members of the Irish International Cricket Team
The diamond Malahide
2.00 today


Live spot

Robbie Keane

Communion mass yellow walls


Top, top spot


SPOT, well done. Hope you had a wonderful day mate.
SOP in 2 weeks, last communion in our house.


Is logging John Creedon honking at a load of cyclists saying “I’m in a hurry” at the start of a sportif worth logging? This could appeal to Corkonians like @backinatracksuit while also appeasing the anti-cycling brigade.

I’m not sure if Creedon qualifies as a celeb and I know he’s a COTY nominee. I revert to @Mullach_Ide for preliminary adjudication before I will give more details (Location, time, type of car, fatness of JC, etc.)


Until you log your spot I can’t comment.


I’d log it.


Barrister, Irish Times columnist, political pundit, ex Fianna Fáil general election candidate and regular RTÉ contributor Noel Whelan at the Wexford GAA Supporters Club Dublin Branch championship launch fundraiser last Monday night in The Talbot Stillorgan. Noel was loitering at the back of the room and was sporting middle aged man smart casual attire, his grey beard and a very tanned complexion.


SPOT, well done.


Who: fairly hefty broadcaster and COTY nominee John Creedon.
When: 10am this morning.
Where: outside lakeside hotel, Ballina/Killaloe (depending on who you talk to).

A safety officer was giving the briefing to a group about to start a cycling sportif (I was one of the Lycra-clad brigade but not one of the tubby ones). A car (151-C Toyota Avensis in case anybody is wondering) approaches from behind us on a narrow road with the cyclists about to start. Car honks with driver saying “I’m in a hurry”. I presumed it was either a doctor or someone rushing for 10am mass. Driver then inquires as to where the route is going, reasonably suggesting that if the 40-50 assembled cyclists parted, he wouldn’t have to drive behind them at any stage. I think he tried to make a joke and give a cheery wave as soon as the cyclists obliged him, probably twigging that he’d been recognised and that it may be discussed on TFK. His demeanour went from gruff to jolly fat man. He was wearing a grey polo shirt and sunglasses and was fairly wedged into the car. He’s a fat man.

There’s the details. I’m not sure myself
If he qualifies as a celeb TBH. Over to you @Mullach_Ide.
I’m happy with whatever call you make


SPOT, well done.


What a spot, that’s in the Tom Ryan in a green suit with a curranty cake in the Dock Road centra league.


What a cunt.

No Clare person would try claim The Lakeside.


Live Spot. Bruce Willis. Delano Hotel, South Beach, Miami. He’s wearing a black vest, sitting at the pool bar with one male companion and a beautiful blonde lady with fake breasts. Seems relaxed, his silver ferrari is parked outside. No one bothering him.


Pictures or gtfo.



He’s now sitting at bar. Will try get a photo. Don’t want to be a twat bothering the man.