The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee




Literally scarlett for you

Bernie didn’t look this rough in person FYI Information


Would Des Bishop looking dapper in a grey fitted suit walking quite quickly through Kilkenny city count, being the weekend that in it?


Who: Oscar nominated film director Jim Sheridan and Irish author Eoin colfer.
Where: walking from the powers court centre through the laneway at grogans towards the George’s st arcade.
When: Friday afternoon around 3.30pm
And? Jim is an eternally shabby looking fella and has a face you might expect on a Bassett hound. Himself and Colfer were deep in conversation as they strolled unhindered through Dublin’s hipster District.


No,he’s surely working


SPOT, well done.


Lost to Hillary.


He was fuckin robbed blind by the democratic party


yeah, him


That’s not her.


Spot 1
Who: Irish film director Neil Jordan
Where: Grand Canal Dock
When: Yesterday at around 6:30
With: Nobody
Attire: Dressed like an eccentric alcoholic
Other notes: Neil was strolling in the direction of the Bord Gais theatre, no doubt heading to see Bernie Saunders. He had a rolled up magazine of a sort in his hand and was whipping it from side to side in a very odd manner.

Spot 2
Who: Dublin GAA star Diarmuid “Dermo” Connolly
Where: Outside the Gasworks pub
When: Yesterday evening at 8pm
With: A group of his mates
Attire: Fashionable skinny jeans and a pale denim shirt
Other notes: Diarmuid was obviously at the Irish match with his buddies and seemed in very jovial form relaxing with a couple of pints. A young fella near us was brought over to the group by his mam and Diarmuid happily had a chat with and posed for photos. He then gave the young lad a scarf he was wearing and the young lad looked over the moon. Diarmuid came across as an alright sort.

Spot 3
Who: Irish actress Ciara O’Callaghan
Where: HQ in GCD
When: 3pm today
With: I don’t know. She walked past our table and I didn’t look to see where she was going to
Attire: Dowdy enough to be honest
Other notes: None really. A bit beefier than you’d expect.


Tv3’s Alan Hughes having his lunch in the garden center in Malahide.


Spot 1: SPOT
Spot 2: Fuck off.
Spot 3: SPOT

2/3 ain’t bad.


Would the best Taoiseach we never had - Ivan Yates on the Rosslare Europort to Dublin Connolly train count? (A few days ago)


SPOT, well done.


Kid clearly a Dublin GAA plant. Charm offensive starts here. Nothing left to chance


:clap: I’ll take that every day of the week.


Mick OK already at work, impressive


@Mullach_Ide sort me out here.


SPOTS, well done.