The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee





The amount of star struck roasters at the gate here is priceless. The lads are deep in conversation about Coronation Street of all things. Keane has aged a hell of a lot. His face is fierce haggard looking.

I’m tempted to go up and ask Cillian if he knows any good strength and conditioning trainers from Ballinora


says the guy taking pictures of them


Yes mate, well spotted. The lads sweating nervously when asking for selfies are a different story.






That was a fairly cutting retort there mate. Is everything okay?


Sensational :clap:


I’ve played football against both of them.


Ridiculous haircuts for men of their age.


If you had hair, what would your preferred style be?


SPOTS, well done.


For fucks sake.


Murphy’s haircut tells me he’s shooting Peaky Blinders around now


Johnny Ward, amazingly realistic actor from such roles as kidnapper Ciaran from Fair City and gangster Pauly from Love/Hate in Gibneys beer garden Malahide.
Johnny was talking to former Ros na Rún actor
Aonghus Og McAnally, son of Aonghus and grandson of Ray.


They are both SPOTS mate, well done.


Who: Pat Bonner, former Celtic and Eire goalkeeper
Where: Just outside the doorway of Ward’s pub, Lower Salthill, Galway
When: circa 10pm, June 11th, 2017
Demeanour: standing


SPOT, well done.


That’s fantastic spotting mate


Some non-celebrity spots.

Who: Ray Silke, former Galway footballer
Where: A gravelled area between the stand and the tall terrace, Pearse Stadium, Galway
When: 4:42pm, June 11th, 2017
Demeanour: Walking.
Any other business: He got into a minibus that was parked with its back to the side of the stand.

Who: John O’Mahony, former Galway, Mayo and Leitrim manager and former Fine Gael TD
Where: PJ’s pub, Salthill
When: Circa 7:30-7:45pm, June 11th, 2017
Demeanour: In conversation with me
Any other business: No

Who: Noel Durcan, former Mayo player
Where: Ward’s pub, Salthill
When: circa 9:30pm to 2am, June 11th/12th, 2017
Demeanour: in conversation with me
Any other business: No

Who: Keith Higgins, David Drake and Barry Solan, current Mayo players/fitness coach
Where: Ward’s pub, Salthill
When: circa 11pm to 2am, June 11th/12th, 2017
Demeanour: standing in a group
Any other business: Higgins had the face of a bold boy who had just been scolded. He was wearing a plain pale green t-shirt and ridiculous-looking white shoes.