The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


I think that was his point. John doesn’t believe that Galway are currently good enough to win an All-Ireland, particularly in terms of physicality and stamina, and felt they faded badly late on, particularly given that they had an extra player for the majority of the match, whereas the 1998 team proved to be at All-Ireland-winning level.

Personally I disagree with him and feel that while they probably won’t win it this year, they are now at a level where things are beginning to fall rapidly into place for them and they will not be too far away. An All-Ireland final is a realistic possibility for them for sure and if you get to a final you’re in with a chance. Dublin look to have slipped a bit and there’s a possibility that a team could win an All-Ireland this year without having to beat them.

Even defensively, I thought they put in a very good backs to the wall performance when it was needed late on. There is bags of football ability throughout their team in all lines and they’re building a good panel. They’ve notched up some really good wins over the last year and while they tanked against Tipperary in the quarter-final last year, I think that will prove to be a valuable lesson for them going forward. They are definitely around the level Mayo were at circa 2011, possibly 2012.


They looked to have a few really good u21s this year. Is Daly the only one playing senior?


He was the only one who played on Sunday anyway. I don’t follow Galway football closely enough to know if any of the others are on the senior panel.


Askeaton man McDaid as well


Donegal/Askeaton man?


I’d say he redenned O Mahonys ear about the US election


Donegal/Askeaton and I suppose Galway


Any chance with this one @Mullach_Ide?

Who: RTE analyst/spreader of the hurling gospel/ former All Ireland winning hurling manager Cyril Farrell

Where: the bar at O’Gradys, Gort
When: 45 minutes ago.
Demeanour - Cyril was having a chat at the bar with another chap. I arrived for a business meeting and it was pointed out to me that he was sitting behind me. Apparently he’s a regular here for a bite to eat (cc @Matty_Hislop or whoever was eating here recently)

Demeanour: Cyril seems in good form but left shortly after I arrived. Didn’t get any chance for interaction with him.


I don’t think Cyril is ever in bad form


Cyril is a bachelor correct?






SPOT, by reason of his television work and newspaper columns.


Thanks pal. The trip to Galway has been made worthwhile


Who: Jim Sheridan

Where: going into Millers Pizza Kitchen, upper baggott street, Dublin 4

On his lonesome, Jim was wearing blue jeans, white shirt, oversized navy blazer and rectangular lens brown glasses rested on his forehead.

When: this evening at 7.15pm


More detail required, please review and revert.



The fucking fuck…?!


deary me


AC/DC are playing @flattythehurdler s corporate jolly in Borneo.