The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


At work. I’d ask someone to adjudicate (@Fagan_ODowd?) but I’d be disinclined to award this.
On any level.



Wtf is going on here?


I’d like to officially nominate my good buddy @Horsebox for the role of adjucator of this new revamped thread.


Good spot @flattythehurdler


That’s a spot.




Not a spot.


Ah that’s good work from everyone today. Four applications of which three were approved, and they were all above average quality. One shit spot rejected but that’s what i’m here for, they can’t all get in.

Keep up the good work and i look forward to adjudicating on many more spots of this quality over the years and indeed decades to come.


Your goose is cooked pal, clear off. There’s a new sheriff in town.


fair , a solid sense of duty and not afraid to show authority




I was going to turn on you for checking out his ass but you redeemed it at the end that he didn’t look at the rogbee


Thanks pal. I get your concern but I assumed he’s worth a few Bob and would be able to dress himself. It as ridiculous how baggy the Arse of his pants was.

I spotted Ollie Canning running into a gym as well wearing a number 18 white all star jersey. He was driving very fast in a car park where I was walking with my kids, obviously in a rush for some class as it was a couple of minutes past the hour, thought about having a word but I let it slide when I spotted who it was. Hardly worth putting up though seeing as it was in Galway and He’s not even the biggest celeb in his family.


Who: Bronagh Gallagher Star of the Commitments and some other Irish Films as well as appearing in Cult Classic Pulp Fiction.
When: Lunchtime today
Where: Walking through Marino in Dublin
With: No one
Wearing: Silver Gary Glitterish type Trousers. Knee High Black Boots, Sunglasses and a black winter coat with fur around the hood
Other notes:She seems like a very friendly sort. Said hello in a thick Derry accent.


I often see the likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard and the Chelsea lads around the place down in Cobham, would they be considered famous? driving big Ferraris and Lamborghini’s


That’s a spot as well.


If you’re ever in doubt mate and on the fence just post them up and I’ll rule them honestly and impartially to the best of my ability. I don’t judge spots based on posters you see, I’d be fair like that, otherwise I’d probably let all yours through. But its important I’m seen to be fair and I take that responsibility seriously. Regarding these fellas terry and lampard you mentioned, if they’re submitted with more details I’ll google them and see if they’re worthy of being allowed as spots.


New thread. New start.
Good spot @binkybarnes, nice detail too and presented in a user friendly format.
Well done buddy.


Ah lovely.


Bronagh is an alright sort