The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Are you one of the two roasters in this video?




No Flatty’s bald and wears tight bicycle shorts everywhere he goes


One of the two roasters is my best pal.


He looks like a cunt


Ah he doesn’t. He just looks like a total roaster

The other fella looks like a cunt.

Oh wait, which one is your friend @flattythehurdler?


What are the circumstances there mate, why is the singer in AC/DC having a crafty fag? Was his mam around?


Who’s adjudicating these days??




Looking well, pal… That’s a cracking post for this thread… Up there with my spot of Boris Johnson in Marrakesh.


You have a bff?


Live spot of Paul McGuinness former U2 manager on Dalkey Main st. Paul is wearing a shirt and sports jacket and sun glasses oppositeThe Queens propped against a wall. Seemed to be alone.
Other information - It is Dalkey Book Festival


Paul’s a cunt mate.


I think ye all know who this is and where he was yesterday evening. He was at the match but didn’t watch it.
I’ll say no more.



The world has gone mad .


Who is it?


He’s a celeb with 4715 followers on twitter.


Is that all?

@RamblerRED has more than that.


Seemingly he’s big on SnapChat, but I know nothing about that.


Paulie o Brien, a well known and highly disrespected poster on here. [quote=“Matty_Hislop, post:4015, topic:22114, full:true”]
Who is it?