The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


This year’s love?


My oh my - I was waiting for that


Sail away with them shit jokes


Please forgive me


David Gray?


No mate, he said David Grey. Presumably it’s David Grey MBE, the Executive Chairman of Sheffield City Trust.


Not a celeb




I thought he was referring to David Gray, the winner of the 2003 Scottish snooker open.


Both fantastic spots to be fair. This is top adjudicating no matter what way you dice it.


No chaps. I was referring to David Gray, the singer/song writer. An unfortunate autocorrect on the iPhone






Happy to report, despite the crowds Joan didn’t need a Garda escort to get out!

FF TD John Curran was a few seats up and FG’s Noel Rock was close by also. Both were looking happy but with their pension pots for doing fuck all why wouldn’t they be.

I was actually sitting beside Joe Kiernan, a sounder man you wouldn’t meet. Obviously he doesn’t qualify but would rather mention him, who has achieved something than the other three layabouts.


Marty Whelan
St Sylvester church Malahide
11-30 mass


Marty is becoming a regular to the thread, he’ll always be a SPOT, well done mate.


All 3 TDs are SPOTS, z listers, well done.


Dermot O’Neill Grandad from Mrs Browns Boys in the beer garden of Gibneys, Malahide, Friday night, totally unmemorable spot.


SPOT, well done.


Joe Kiernan sneaking in?