The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Joe Kiernan? You not a fan of the games?


Fuck off fish cake you boring bastard.


Christ you’re very badly rattled here, and somebody who’s so irrelevant :rofl:
Still laughing at that.

Anyway mate, if you want to verbally assault me like a coked up teenager circa 1999 carry on, but if the height of your wit is a continuous reference to an imaginary fishcake I’m pulling back.


Can’t do it mate, he’s not a spot as a GAA player or manager, unless you can come up with another reason as to why he is a celeb?


Who: Leo Cullen, head coach of the Leinster rugby team
Where: The smoking area at the back of the Hogan Stand, Croke Park, Dublin 3
When: 4:45pm, August 27th, 2017
Demeanour: Dour
Any other business: I was having a smoke in the open area at the back of the stand at half-time and Leo emerged from the concourse. He was wearing a plain black t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of what I think were casual Gola shoes - I can’t remember what colour they were but it was a dark colour. He had what looked like a light, navy waterproof jacket tied around his waist. Leo was in the company of a circa 3 year old boy, who I presume is his son. His son was carrying a bare flagpole in his hand. Leo and his son walked through the assemblage of smokers and make their way towards the exits and descended some steps and disappeared from my sightline. It appeared as if they were leaving the venue.

Who: Des Cahill and Brian McGuigan
Where: Russell Street, passing Gill’s pub, Dublin 3
When: August 27th, 2017, circa 5:32pm
Demeanour: Cahill - cheesy, McGuigan - dour
Any other business: No


Cullen NOT a spot.
Cahill and McGuigan in the vicinity of Croke Park prior to their appearances on The Sunday Game, they were working I’m afraid. NOT spots.

Better luck next time.


Who? Joe Canning
Where? Fat Freddies Galway.
When? Just there now.
After two to three pints of porter in Murphys we decided to head home with pizza after a long day in limerick, myself herself the brother and the oul fella.
I got lost and located them heading out of Freddies with a pile of pizzas.
Jaysus, says the Bro, you’ll never guess who you’ve just missed.
Who? Says I
Joe Canning, says the Bro.
I had a quick internal debate. I knew deep down that the poor lad was wanting a bit of peace and quiet, but out came my inner roaster and in I stalked, slightly purple from the drink, and directly over to the table, arm already extended from the door.
A youngish looking hipstery lad saw me lumbering in the general direction, and looked slightly anxiously at me. He may, in fact, have been on the panel himself, but I had my bead on Joe and was not for turning.
Joe obviously wanted this like herpes, and slightly withdrew.
Undeterred, I stuck my rigid arm into his face.
"besht of luck Sunday lad"
As Joe decided discretion was the better part of valour, and reluctantly held out his hand for a shaking, I gave him a hearty “injoy the day laaad”, held his hand for longer than I should, turned on heel, and strode out like a butcher reaching for a green flag on sky TV in croke Park.
Joe was thin, fit and neither eating nor drinking.
I felt as soiled and ashamed as @ChocolateMice discarding his underpants in the bin in the regional.
Final impressions, Joe Canning is a gent. I should be wearing farah slacks from birth til death. I am a card carrying redneck.


@ChocolateMice did a lot of things bit he never soiled himself… I’m delighted you met your hero tho, mate… I’m sure this time next week he will look back at it as a pivotal moment in winning Liam.


A good call by Joe to stay away from hurling country this week . Nobody will know him from Adam in the city , No cunts annoying him or looking for tickets .


Apart from me.


You’d be responsible I am sure :sunglasses:.


It’s a good enough yarn reasonably told.
I’d prefer tho for the reader to make their own judgement as to whether you acted like a ‘redneck’ or a ‘roaster’. I know you’ve porter drank but ramming it down the readers throat was unnecessary.


Cool story bro but not a celeb.

I’ve campaigned for the establishment of a separate thread for GAA spots (indeed I set one up after encountering The Gooch at a petrol station in Kilcolgan but can’t find it now).

However, I’ll still give you a like which should be some consolation for the inevitable “not a spot” that you will be getting from the GOAT adjudicator @Mullach_Ide


@Mullach_Ide is above such crude and unseemly leading.


Delighted for you that you met Joe, NOT a spot though.


You bollox


That Tierney Talks lad was in Jurys yest before the match looking around to see did people recognise him.


And to everyone that gives a petty, vindictive, spiteful like to that dentonesque piece of refereeing, you too are a bollox


You know the rules pal. @Mullach_Ide played this by the book. Even in what could be an historic week for Joe, he can’t go bending the rules.