The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Live spot :
michel de Nostradame aka Nostradamus
Where :
Outside a cafe on FRAncis street
When : now
Famous for:
The French Physican is best known for his published prophecies predicting future events
Michel wore a loose fitting knee length patterned garment as pictured along with sandals.
He seemed at ease and did not give an aura of imminent danger which was reassuring to all around him. He spoke with some colleagues who he met outside a cafe. He prophecied that ireland would beat Georgia and that hurricane Harvey would not be the last major weather related disaster of 2017, he suggested doubling but didn’t know what price this was available at.


Who: Eamon O Cuiv

When: Live spot

Where: Grand Hotel Malahide.

Famous for: Being the latest TD in a FF political dynasty.

Other info: Eamon was in the lobby talking to 3 other men when I entered. It seemed as if they were hanging off his every word. A few minutes later they moved to the carvery section where a few women, possibly partners joined them. Eamon is gone very shook. His suit was ill fitting and it seemed he has lost a good bit of weight.


O cuiv ex minister
Walking by malahide tennis club about 12.00 today
Looked a little taken aback


How in Gods name are parasitic good for fuck all TDs spots and heroes of Gaelic Games not?

The country is fucked.

Yours etc

I see Minister for Transport Ross most weekends but would not dream of logging it as a spot.


Calm down.


Probably a little shocked to see the famous @The_Selfish_Giant in person.





Great way to round off AlHF Sunday by spotting Sunday Independent’s Niamh Horan on my way home a little while ago.

Our paths crossed on General Seán MacMahon Bridge at Grand Canal Dock. Niamh was heading back towards GCD Square and I was heading for Ringsend Road.

Niamh was wearing heeled boots, skinny jeans and a light brown jacket. We bade each other good day on what is a lovely humid evening in the capital.


Can’t give it I’m afraid, Nostradamus sadly passed away in 1566, 451 years ago. NOT a spot.


SPOT, well done.


SPOT, well done.


SPOT mate, well done.


No picture? Disappointing.


I should have asked her for a selfie.


That would have been a gamechanger for the thread.


Thomas Byrne TD was sitting just along from me tonight at the match. I realise this is scraping the bottom of the barrel, but someone reported spotting Joan Burton at Croke Park a couple of weeks ago, so I’m going to log this.


Two wrongs don’t make a right, mate.


Two wrongs don’t make a right .


Two wrongs don’t make a right