The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


I have my doubts on this one.


And fools seldom differ :grinning:


Thanks guys, I agree. But I’d like the commissioner to make the call here. Be interesting to see how low we can go here in terms of what constitutes a celebrity.


Thomas Byrne has similar features to Waterford’s Paul Flynn. Somebody take it to the lookalikes thread.


The hurler or the restauranteur ?


FFS, SPOT well fucking done.


FOGRA: Irish politicians who have not achieved some level of deviant notoriety or at least a senior ministerial position will now NOT be spots.
Effective immediately.


I’ll chance this one @Mullach_Ide

Who: John Halligan (on the right)

Famous for: Loose canon TD

Where: Eddie Rockets, South Anne Street, Dublin

When: 22:00, 06/09/2017

Other notes: John looked dishevelled and pretty unsteady on his feet. He ordered a takeaway which he must have ordered ahead as it was ready for him when he arrived into the diner. He scuttled away pretty quickly upon receipt.


Mate, under the old rules it would be a spot, under new guidelines recently introduced Mr Halligan is neither a senior minister nor a confirmed deviant.
NOT a spot.


Sound job.


I only saw this now.
My recommend guidelines would be to award a spot if you like the poster.
Don’t even acknowledge the cunt if he’s not in your clique.
That’s a fair and transparent policy I think.


I concur


Is that concept specific to political spots then?


Fuck no. If a despised poster spotted the Pope himself out for a cycle with Donald Trump and that poster stopped for a chat and got a high quality selfie it should still be declined on the basis that said poster is a cunt.


Whats your problem with @flattythehurdler?


Two recent spots to log.

Broadcaster John Bowman was standing outside the Lidl in Tallaght last Sunday at approximately six o clock. John was wearing a white trenchcoat. He appeared to be either lost or impatiently waiting on somebody.

John Connors (the lad who challenged Gordon darcy to a bare knuckle boxing match last weekend on twitter) was in the smoking area of the Cobblestone in Smithfield yesterday evening at five o clock. He was drinking pints with a woman. John was showing this woman videos on his phone and having the craic with her.


SPOTS well done


Live spot

Paul Galvin in the Palace Bar


Is that a citizen’s arrest of an ISIS suspect ?


More detail required mate.