The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


He’s wearing a bandana on his fucking ankle. Outside his trousers


NOT a spot.


Does author and journalist Henry Martin count as a spot?


Someone who posts on TFK is hardly going to be a fucking celebrity spot.


Don’t be hiding your light under a bushel.


There isnt a bushel big enough. I am bigger than Jesus.


I saw Dara Calleary TD (FF) at Gill’s Corner yesterday after the match. He was wearing a Mayo polo shirt and standing with a few downbeat looking people. I don’t know if Dara’s expression was also one of despondency or due to him having a fish head.

I took a left and progressed down towards O’Connell Schools and met Lynne Boylan MEP (SF) and her beau Eoin O’Broin TD (SF) walking against me. Lynne, in Dublin regalia, was on the phone and carrying a shoulder bag. Eoin was wearing those skinny-ish jeans with little turn ups as usual. I wondered to myself if they’d bump into Dara up ahead.

Later on I was getting a Dublin Bike on Talbot Street when I spotted Matt Cooper walking along the street with presumably his teenage daughter. He had his head buried in his phone as they strolled along. She was wearing a Dublin jersey and I presumed they had earlier been in Croke Park.


Who: Jack O’Connor
Famous for: Head of SIPTU
Where: Heuston Station, Luas Stop
When: Today, 1.30pm
Other Notes: O’Connor was dressed in a suit and alighted from the Tallaght bound Luas at Heuston Station. He carried a plastic folder thing as if he was attending the meeting. He strangely went to the Luas ticket machine AFTER getting off and pulled his glasses on face as he attempted to navigate the machine. He seemed perplexed at the ticket which emerged from the machine. His action could be explained by the fact that ticket checkers got on the tram at that stop so it is possible that Mr. O’Connor swiftly disembarked the Luas so as to avoid a potential fine for not having the correct fair.


Ah surely PM would warrant a spot?


NOT a spot.


Second one in a row that has been turned down.

I’ll be upping my game.


In order of appearance.

Calleary - NOT a spot
Boylan - NOT a spot
O’Broin - NOT a spot
Cooper - SPOT well done
his daughter - NOT a spot


Hopefully bud, as a former adjudicator I’d be expecting more from you.


Was in his company last week during a break at a conference.
I contemplated posting it here given that there was interaction involved too but seeing as he was working I thought better of it.


There’s certainly no way anyone could have accused either of you of working either. You might have had that accepted.


Whatever about jack I certainly wasn’t working I sat through the morning and kept myself busy just staying awake.


How is that different from any other day for you?


No different really I suppose, well I got a nice few quid cash in hand for expenses and got the next day off as I was tired after the trip to Dublin and the really intensive meeting thingy or whatever it was.


Eoin O Broin was given as a spot in July. Not sure what he has done in the meantime to be downgraded.


@Mullach_Ide gave clarification on future political spots a few weeks ago pal. The goalposts have been moved as lads were claiming z list TDs as spots