The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Cc @bandage


FAO @Fagan_ODowd
CC @Bandage


Lynne Boylan worked tirelessly with Darragh Mackin to secure Ibrahim Helawa’s release. She’s surely a valid spot on today of all days.


Move along pal. @Mullach_Ide has given his adjudication. Come back here with a better class of spot and don’t be embarrassing yourself trying to claim Lynne twice in the one championship season


Cheers mate. That clarifies the matter to my satisfaction


Next they came move on to freeing Abu Hamza*

*I’ve no idea if he’s in jail or even alive.


Live spot there. Russell Crowe in the GCD area. Russell is the lad in the front with the adidas tracksuit bottoms.


I think the last fella could be Malarkey, AKA Scott Grimes.



I never heard of him before your post so I couldnt in all honesty claim him as a spot.


You need to watch Band of Brother bro.


That’s a heck of a spot :clap:


you doing a HBV on it?


Yeah I’m pleased with it.


No mate I was in at the doctors and I walked up to Valentinos for a coffee before heading for the dart.


Brilliant spot but no need to Crow(e) about it.


Andrew “freddie” flintoff
Famous for cricket, drinking and making shite telly.
Driving sedately out the a34 yesterday in a black Ferrari with a number plate something like FL11NTF.
Surprisingly sedately (60 in a seventy zone)
I nearly crashed my bike at 70mph to get the spot which I hope will get me over the line albeit it’s no Russel crowe


Any issue with the lids in Il Valentino?


I sat in and had it pal so no issue to report.


Were you cycling downhill?


I’m not getting into this.