The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


SPOT, well done.


Live Spot - Liam “chippy” Brady outside my front door :dizzy_face:


SPOT, well done.


Invite him in for a cup of tea ffs!


A spot ,but a few more details perhaps ?


@Fran obviously doesn’t want to reveal where he lives, you should respect his privacy.


Of course not . I wanted to know about LCB s demeanour etc . If Fran don’t want to give location he is fully correct .


Spot yesterday in moss side.
Looking angry and shabby. May have been method acting. I nodded to him and he scowled back.


Some no mark back bencher who wouldn’t be recognized by his neighbors is a spot and an Olympic medalist isn’t :rofl:


Olympic medallist ?


There was an Olympic medalist turned down mate, perhaps you missed it.
Not from me obviously, I’m not allowed :smile: to log spots :rofl:


Who is this Olympic medalist you speak of?


Rob the racist?


Has no bearing on his celebrity status mate, surely not??


Robert Heffernan.


I was trying to bundle the kids into the car to bring them swimming. Liam was probably bringing his grandchildren to the nearby playground so a cup of tea and a chat wouldn’t have been convenient for him or me. He looked a bit tired, may have had one too many brandys last night






Rob the Racist is a national disgrace & only a Cork Weirdo would think otherwise.

Might be best to move along & forget your grevious mistake here.


Never heard of him.