The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


You appear to have the wrong thread dumbass, this isn’t a popularity contest.
Have I upset you by having a poke at one of your lickle internet heroes?




Bizarre post. Are you on the drugs again?


If you think making a “Celebrity” out of a Racist then you are a weirder cunt than I thought.


Slurp slurp


It’s okay sticking up for your own, pal. But Rob is a disgusting individual & a shame on Irish Athletics.


I really fail to see why you’re throwing this thread so off topic, I’ve not said anything other than he’s more of a celeb than a completely unknown TD, you’re getting all bothered for no reason other than that I’m from Cork and you’re a lickspittle oddball :smiley:


So racists are Celebs. Okay, mate. :+1:


Would donald trump be a celeb?


You’re funny, grasping at anything now to brownnose.
Celebrity has nothing to do with character, but you’ve been told that’s he’s a racist so I’d expect nothing more from you, slurp slurp.


@carryharry is ten times the racist Rob will ever be mate, have you ever heard him on travelers? He’s only wading in here now to sniff a couple of crotches,


Who’s that Flatty?


Thata the film iD anyway I reckon. No idea of the actors name


I’m glad someone asked. :blush:


That lad played alongside John Thaw in a n English sitcom called Home to Roost that people of my generation might remember,


Who: Brian Cowen
Where: Owners & Trainers bar Limerick race course
Attire: Dark trousers and dark over coat
Demeanour: hard to guage but didn’t seem downbeat
Other info: I was still reeling from a spot of forum stalwart @applecrumbled who was with a guy wearing the most ridiculous footwear I’ve ever seen, when Brian Cowen entered the bar with former limerick senator Rory Kiely. Brian found them a table and collected the empty glasses before bringing them to the bar as he ordered drinks.


I asked him twice to take those shoes off as I picked him up. 700 quids of clown shoes.



They are like something Aladdin would wear


There not even practical. You should have said hello.