The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


SPOT, well done.


Bullshit adjudication


A racist quitter from cork? get the fuck out of here.


Reece dinsdale. I think he might be in corrie these days but he pops up as generally a serial killer in crime dramas.

PS ID is a great film.


Your are doing a fine job. Keep it up.


And what were you doing in there?


It’s not exactly an exclusive bar


Bad ould day there today.
Poor crowd and little buzz.


Masquerading as a jobbing jockey I’d imagine.


Ya, no buzz at all. The place is too big.

I think the racing game is in trouble in the medium to long term.




NOT a spot, by virtue of you not bothering your hole to put a name to your submission. Please resubmit in the correct fashion.


I was testing the knowledge of the forum. ID is a classic. "they’ve only given it to gerry facking creaney"
I feel you are being overly harsh here. As in, if I’d posted this as a spot:

I think it would have been given, but hey ho.


That’d be an outstanding spot all the same


We are Shadwell
The Kennel is our place
Shadwell never, never, never shall lose face


It would be two outstanding spots


All you hate us
We couldn’t give a toss
Shaaadwell always always always
Are the boss.


Spotted Henry Shefflin filling up his 172 black Mercedes-Benz SUV at Topaz on Usher’s Quay earlier.

The legendary stick hurler was wearing the obligatory blue suit, white shirt and brown shoes combo. His big car was absolutely manky as I’m sure he spends most of his time driving around the arsehole of the bog. Henry looks a bit older than his 38 years, although he hasn’t a pick of fat on him. He also chatted jovially behind me in the queue to some fat star-struck old Muldoon.

The car was from Ballsbridge Motors I also noted.


No surprise BOI get there cars here.


Live spot

Des Bishop
Where Bar in the Raddison Blue. Stillorgan. Just now.
Wearing Black jacket and black trousers.
With a female and looked like he was about to be bold.