The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


*their cars


By Christ I’ve no idea what happened there. Appalling stuff.


NOT a spot.


SPOT well done.


Spotted at Dublin Zoo: Dr John Crown, Ireland’s best known oncologist and former Oireachtas Senator.
With: a boy child of approximately 3 years old, probably his son.
Demeanour: a model of caring fatherhood, hoisting his child into his shoulders for a clear view of the giraffes.
Dr Crown appeared to be without his partner, and the child was uncomplaining, even though the good doctor had no stroller for the child to sit in on the long journey through The African Plains area of Ireland’s most popular family attraction…


Piss off dimwit


NOT a spot.


Who: Rory McIlroy
Where: Via Dei Martelli, Florence (Approx 50 paces from the Baptistry)
When: Monday, around 2pm
Notes: Rory was standing outside a cafe looking at his phone. I was absently wandering up the street when he looked up from his phone at me. I was slightly taken aback when I realised who it was and my glance lasted just a little longer than normal. He locked on to my gaze (we were perhaps three feet apart) which I think was an expectation from him that I would ask him for a selfie or something. I didn’t but I did look back towards him after going a little more up the street and saw that his wife had come out of a cafe and was showing him something on her phone. They looked like two tourists wondering what to do next. Rory was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a baseball cap. Erica was in some sort of leggings. My close brush with the man, raised my opinion of him by approximately 16% from its base level. I went back to my place and had a siesta which was interrupted slightly by what sounded like the removal of plasterboard in the room above mine.




What’s your point here mac


Very good attention to detail pal, he’s a CUNT, but he’s also a SPOT, well done.


Think it’s one of those occasions when @Mac lets a poster know he knows something about them without explicitly saying what it is.




That the spot is made up, based on a photo @mac has access to also.


I thought he meant that Shannonsider was in the picture. i.e. That ss is the middle age woman in the red and white top sitting at the table.
It would explain a lot about Shannonsider.


Or that @Mac and @SHANNONSIDER have a mutual friend


Yeah @mac , what’s your point? Are you implying that you were there?


Yerra a load of us have that photo.


@Mac please answer the queries posted by your fellow TFKers


@Mac and @SHANNONSIDER are on holiday…together…