The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Which one of ye was minding the corner flags?


You can tell he played a lot of beach soccer


There were no former flags mate. It was indoor soccer


Any current flags?




Who: Malachy Clerkin
Where: Erstwhile haunt of @Piles_Hussain darts team, The Black Stuff Luxembourg.
Famous for: Premier sports journalist for the paper of record, The Irish Times
Wearing: Green polo, red jeans and navy new balance
Company: 2 bald men (one is Johnny waterson fellow sports scribe) and a woman from Amsterdam who they’re all trying to bang
Other notes: Malachy is quite jovial and swamping lager. His party ordered 3 pizzas that arrived by delivery and they’ve fairly horsed them. Malachy has regaled the ins and outs of the hairgate incident in that Monaghan junior match. He reckons we’re lucky we avoided Croatia. Can you imagine rakitic and modric up against Glenn Whelan. No comment on TH yet but waiting.




Malachy has only started driving the last 3 years!! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:



Malachy was on blackboard jungle back in the day. 1997. Oasis tshirt on. Cartans college one appearance.


This is premier league eavesdropping


They did a runner one night on paying a bill. Never payed for a bowl of chips. Some lad was chasing tail and they skidaddled. Malachy loves to embellish a story.


NOT a spot, enjoy Luxemburg pal.


Tommy tiernan loves personal and frankie Boyle is an alcoholic! Frankies da is from Donegal.


That’s a spot. Albeit, dragged kicking and screaming over the line, with some fanciful eavesdropping.


Ah lord mate, you should have mentioned you were in town. The Stuff is a grand ould spot.


Brought a few Londoners and Continentals with me. Guinny was daycent


I saved this one for a few days.

Celebrity spotted: Eugene sullivan trainer of Lovely Citizen to win the Foxhunters in 1991 walking down the street in Mallow

Cc @thedancingbaby


Not a spot


A spot that will define @thedancingbaby 's reign


This will tell a lot.