The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Deputy celeb adjudicator has spoken


An hour gone and still no adjudication.What have we done. Can the poll be reversed.


My deputy has spoken


This joker will drag you down buddy.As one of my dearest e-friends I’m concerned about the way he’s influencing you, he’s no good and you’re too nice to be associated with him.


@The_Selfish_Giant is @thedancingbaby 's gimp, and he’s happy with his station in life. Not for us to judge.


I know an awful lot of us are still reeling at @Mullach_Ide losing his position but people need to cop on now and let @thedancingbaby and @The_Selfish_Giant do their job.


Keep your spots coming guys


Was Maxine with him :eyes:


Interesting approach. Its like voting for dev and getting michael healy rae.


Fergus Slattery

Earlier today - Baggot St

I have to admit I didn’t know who he was. A young kid in the office who ended up walking with me out of the office and half way up the road before I remembered an important call I had to make, said there’s Fergus Slattery, I just heard Fergus and thought he meant Fergus Finley.

I said who is Fergus Slattery…kid said; a rogbee legend???

I thought I don’t know him but I wonder what divilment did that aul fella got up to in his day…racism? goosing?





Great start bud…


Mattie McGrath TD
At the breakfast buffet at Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone yesterday. Dressed in a crisp white shirt, a little too baggy, over a white vest with a black pants. Mattie had an orange juice and then I lost interest.


Who: John O’Mahoney
Where: Opposite the Patrick Kavanagh bench on the canal between Lesson and Baggot st bridges
Famous for: current senator, former TD, managed Galway to 2 All Irelands, and famously managed Leitrim to win the 1994 Connacht title
Other notes: I was whizzing down the canal cycle path on my Dublin bike when I spotted John at the other side of the road, in front of the small park in front of the linkedin offices. He was stopped chatting to someone and both were in jovial spirits. I was too far away to hear any of the conversation.


Spot. Well done boss




Well well well. It didn’t take long for thedancingcunt to drag this thread back about 3 decades.
Mattie fucking McGrath. An independent opposition TD, at work as well. Ye can have it now lads. Fucking keep it.
Just don’t come running back to @Mullach_Ide when it all falls apart.


Ah I thought you spotted someone when I saw the thread bumped.


I’ll post it on the @Mullach_Ide official thread.You just keep posting away here cuntface. We’ll see how it goes.


Cian Healy in 3fe on Grand Canal Street about an hour ago.

Not sure if this one will get through.