The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Not a fucking chance mate.


Clear and decisive. This appointment might just work after all.


You Could work out well here afterall


There’s no could, pal.

The people have spoken.


. :-1:


Conor McGregor driving a Porsche Cayenne towards Howth this morning.


Not a spot.


Conor McGregor is not a spot?

Games gone man, games gone.

Signing out.


That’s the most astute move I’ve ever witnessed here.


Danny ‘the yank’ culloty famous for being a man mountain in the cork midfield in two all ireland victories and being an american.

I spotted Danny in the queue in Hickeys centra in Rathmore where he was picking up a coffee from the machine. A flat white maybe. He is still in good nick and had a jovial chat with the man alongside him about the poor weather


Fuck sake




I spotted Roy Keane in Baggot Street yesterday at about 2:15. Not sure if he was doing any media work at the FAI cup final yesterday, but I’ll let the lads decide on it anyway.




Ted Walsh about 5 minutes ago in J14 queuing at the Supermac’s counter. He was in the company of ex-trainer and now bloodstock agent, Andy Geraghty.




What’s the time passed cutoff for a spot @thedancingbaby? I have one from last Tuesday.


Depends on the poster. Fire away mate.


Who: Gareth Brady, star of the iconic Euro 2016 photograph alongside his brother Robbie and Robbie’s girlfriend, Kerrie.

When: Last Tuesday, 31 October at 1910

Where: The Peninsula, Fingal

Wearing: A grey hoodie and smart pants

Manner: cordial, bordering in jovial

Gareth was kind enough to furnish my children with bags of candied treats as a reward for their guising endeavours on All Hallows’ Eve. The masqueraders had cleverly presented themselves as a coven of witches, a guise so successful that Gareth had little hesitation in furnishing each with a pre-prepared bag of sweet confection.

We all want to meet our heroes. Receiving gifts from one surpassed my wildest dreams.



Not a spot mate.