The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


I’ll ask @The_Selfish_Giant to call this one if you don’t mind.


I’ll allow it


Well fuck me… i check in to see how DB is doing and it appears TSG is running the show — @Mullach_Ide was shafted.


A strong #2 will be the makings of this regime. Excellent call.


Always the risk that when you give a person from Fingal a position of power that they’ll abuse it.


Never send a boy on a man’s errand!


I have heard stories about this lady. Supposedly she is a wrong’un.


Can you amend your avatar title there Mac please.


Are you inferring I’m no longer King of the Roasters?


We could never take that away from you. But I’d hate to see you become a figure of fun* for leaving the second line there

*no I wouldn’t


Weren’t ye all warned?

Cc @Brimmer_Bradley


I think this needs to be reviewed with possibly @Mac being installed — we cant have HIV’s agent, Mullach, in the hot seat.


Mullach denied all links to HIV. I’d say he was a plant from one of the other campaign teams.

Mac is the neutral choice, but also nobody’s choice (no offence @mac)


Live spot. Robert Ballagh on Red Luas chewing gum.


A tentative spot awarded. Haven’t seen a red luas mind you.


Dickie rock. Yesterday in Parnell square Dublin. I’ll post it in the correct format later. Too sick now.


Dickie was living with Lucy last night, has he had a stroke?


He has only Barney to look after him now.


I think he always spoke out of the side of his mouth. Most people from Cabra speak like that.

I’d say Dickie is bit of a cunt.


His face has completely fallen on one side, it doesn’t look right at all,