The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


That’s a spot. No format needed


Hozier in Finbees coffee shop in Bray today @ 1.30’ish.


Jesus no


Why not?


I don’t know who he is




Nice one. Seeing as you’re an advocate of light touch regulation what about that lad from the indo, Power. He’s an economist, he may or may not be working.

He was doing a seminar speech thing that I attended. But he wasn’t working for the indo


Not every singer is a celeb Choco


Who mate ?


One minute and I’ll google him


Jim power. He’s a cunt too btw.


Yes I know Jim Power the economist.



I agree mate, but he’s had a track that was no.2 in the US and only kept from no.1 by the great Taylor Swift as well as topping other charts around the world— The great Tom Brady used said song for a promotional video too making Hozier a true superstar …The album sold nearly 3 million copies, bro.


Dessie Farrell looking morose on the Maynooth to Bray train this morning in expensive casual clothes. Getting a serious paunch.


Adam Clayton, today approx 10am, lower Glanmire Road, Cork

Adam had blue framed sunglasses on his head with a matching blue chain on (the yoke that keeps them round the neck, but are redundant whilst atop the noggin)


In the vicinity of the Arcadia?


Not true!


The spot, or the redundancy of necklaces for sunglasses?




I’m afraid it is pal
Have you seen him elsewhere to prove otherwise?