The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


I just text him and he told me he has been in US for the past week


Fucking hell, that’s some clamping. All we need now is the screenshot and arseboxing will have to rebrand immediately. I suggest cuntpunching.


I’m afraid our friendship would be compromised if I did that, so I’ll decline the opportunity.


Shame, you had him set up for a knockout blow.


I’m sure a small bit of internetting would be sufficient in this case.


Sure you’ve just said you texted him. It’s easy enough to cover the main number and any identifying information. You’re not from Ballyfuckingragget

I’m happy to be proven wrong by screenshot only. Your word is only as good as mine


He’ll be in London Saturday. You can ask him yourself.


Yeah google told us that alright. I won’t be there. Sure he’s told you - show us the screenshot


News to me mate. I’ve made my call




Not a spot mate




Not a spot


Grand so


RTÉ Presenter Darragh Maloney
In his car driving in the opposite direction on the Merrion Road. We caught each other’s eyes in a brief moment of awkwardness during evening traffic before I pulled off again.


You caught his eyes and pulled off?



What do you think caused the awkwardness?


A spot


Please revisit this one.

He was giving a speech at a seminar. Absolutely not a spot.


Not a spot