The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Fuck sake


Did you forget to log a spot mate ?





This thread has turned to farce


About time too, it was exceptionally boring. But now it’s fucking hilarious.


Not a spot.



i know we are all missing @Mullach_Ide so much but i have to admit you are actually doing a fantastic job here


Stop tagging me you pock marked freak.


I reckon this is a trojan horse.


Took a trip to the National Stud at the weekend and spotted Hurricane Fly. He was wearing a bay coat and looked very happy in himself as he gambolled around the field.


Now there’s a celeb.

Great spot Matty


Ah here, that’s like walking into a famous artist’s exhibition and then logging the spot of said artist. Be a different story if he just bumped into Hurricane Fly on the road or spotted him in a field


Who’s The Hurrican fly ? A boxer


2 week ban from posting on this thread for insubordination




Mate, it’s @Fran , there’s no need for that.


Big time. Fran is harmless, shur he doesn’t know any better.


Not a celeb. Not even a dead racehorse FFS sake. Place gone to shit


I’d rather a retired racehorse at his home/workplace than a no Mark TD at a hurling match, @thedancingbaby is a breath of fresh air, a massive improvement