The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Fagan_ODowd really attracts them, some other cunt was crawling up his hole yesterday


Live spot: Just saw this lass in the IFSC.


Not a spot mate


If she sorted @Bandage with Coke for tomorrow night, then I think you can make an allowance surely?


In February, the court heard that Massey told a probation officer that two deals of cocaine had been placed in her trouser pocket by an unknown person without her knowledge.

Somebody tried to frame the poor girl.


Who - Seamus Coleman
Where - Bewleys on Grafton Street
Wearing - black jacket, could only see the top of him.
Seamus nodded a greeting to another patron

As realisation hit me that Seamie will not be at the World Cup I got too distressed to notice anything else.


I’ll give it but only just


Former Dublin footballer Shane Ryan strolling down by portmarnock Beach there about ten minutes ago with his kids in the buggy.


Take a bow mate. Great spot




Al porter Cumberland street north Dublin outside the welfare office.


Not a spot


Not a spot, that’s his place of work now sure


Funnily enough I spotted Rory Cowan leaving the Westbury last Wednesday.


Not a spot


Butt out


I saw Al Porters Cumberland yesterday


Was it all rolled up?


Live spot

Celeb garden designer Diarmuid Gavin in the coffee shop across from Becky Morgans pub on grand canal street.

Diarmuid is in deep conversation with a gentleman wearing a scarf and is wearing a zip hoody, pink and white check shirt and what I can only describe as chino/jeans/corduroy hybrid trousers which look kinda ridiculous.


you hipster piece of shit