The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee




Not a spot


You’re doing a fine job here.


God yeah, top class adjudication, the last lad is already forgotten, can’t wait till my ban is up so I can bang up a load of retrospectives.


Your ban was annulled when the last adjudicator was toppled. You can post your spots now.


3 live spots

Gordon Elliott, Gary O Brien and Davy Condon. Fowlers Malahide


Elliott- not a spot
O Brien- 5 star
Condon- 4 star


I had breakfast at the table next to celebrity dancer Aidan O’Mahony and his lovely wife and baby this morning in the Rochestown Park Hotel, he only had a small bit of the fry.


That’s a spot mate, well done :clap:


Think your on the wrong thread mate


Bullshit. Why isnt Elliot a spot?


he works for the fella that spotted him, ffsakes


Who: Alan Quinlan
Famous for: Rugby player and hence a definite spot
Where: Passport control Dublin airport
When: This evening
Other notes: Quinlan was on the same flight as myself, an Aer Lingus flight from London. He was dressed in a stylish red and blue shirt and carried a Rugby World Cup 2007 man bag. He exchanged some words with the lady checking his passport before he disappeared.


please ban the last poster


He was on co commentary on the Munster Zebre game today.


The last bit of your post where you mention the celebrity you spotted seems to have got cut off.


Fucking hell are you serious? I’d love to get up on a chair and give you a good slap in the face for that post


Because I call the shots


Good spot buddy. Well done


Mate - it is about all inclusiveness.